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The Last 10 and a half Years - 5. Prophecies with a Breach.





Many prophecies have what I call a breach in the prophecy. When you read a prophecy with a breach in it, to us it starts off like reading a history book. We can compare the first part of the prophecy with history and say “yes it happened just as the prophecy said it would happen.” But then the rest of the prophecy, no matter how hard we try to make it fit with history, just won’t fit. However as we compare the later part of the prophecy with other prophecies, we begin to see and understand, that although the first part of the prophecy is now history, the second part is still in the future.


All of the prophecies that include events from both Jesus Christ First Coming and Second Coming have a breach in them. It looks as if someone has written all of these prophecies down on a chart, then torn the chart in two. How all these prophecies have an ever-increasing, unannounced breach between the First and Second Coming of Jesus Christ. 


In most of these prophecies there is little or nothing included within the prophecy its self to indicate a breach. Therefore it is often only by comparing the prophecy with historical events and other prophecies that we can become aware of a breach in the prophecy. 


One notable acceptation is the prophecy of the seventy weeks found in Daniel chapter 9, which is explained fully in the next chapter. Just briefly for now, this prophecy has what I call a gap period of 38 years written into the prophecy, coming between the sixty-ninth week and the seventh week. The last event prophesied to happen during this gap period was the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple. After this destruction of Jerusalem and the temple, the gap period comes to an end and we enter into the unannounced breach period of this prophecy, which will continue until we enter the 70th week of the prophecy. 


People often ask, why does God make it so hard for us to understand biblical prophecies?

Answer: Because it is given to us the children of God to know the mysteries of the kingdom, but the understanding is not given to the people of the world (Mathew 13:10 – 13).


If you want to know the mysteries of the kingdom, first you need to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Deliverer, be born again into the kingdom of God, baptized into Christ and baptized with the Holy Spirit, for it is he (the Holy Spirit) who will guide you into all truth. You need to pray (talk to God) daily, read the Bible daily, meet regularly with small groups of Christians to study God’s word, and meet regularly with God’s people on the Lord’s Day to worship God.


As a servant of Jesus Christ, and as teacher and prophet of God, guided by the Holy Spirit I have written this book to help bring you understanding of things that must shortly come to pass. But unless you hunger and thirst for righteousness, and diligently seek understanding from God’s word, you will not gain any understanding of the mysteries of the kingdom. For those who have been born again into the kingdom of God, it is not meant to be difficult for you to understand the mysteries of the kingdom. However, the amount of understanding you gain and retain, very much depends on how much you hunger and thirst for righteousness. Why not get together with a small group of Christian friends to regularly study God’s word? 



Matthew5:6 Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.



This includes being filled with an understanding of the mysteries of the kingdom.


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