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Revealed Through Creation - 8. Did God create the heavens and the earth in seven days? Part II




The company “Answers in Genesis,” of Australia has produced a number of books and videos looking at the scientific, archaeological and historical evidence in support of the Biblical account of God’s creation of the heavens, the earth and all living things in seven days.  So if you wanted to know more, or look more closely at the evidence for creation, I suggest you contact them.  For this purpose I have included their contact addresses below the Bibliography.


The truth: The Bible is the written word of God.  God inspired men lead by the Holy Spirit to write down every word written in the Holy Bible.  Because of this we can trust that God’s Written Word, the Holy Bible is completely accurate and authoritative.


Many, who are not Christians, try to discredit the Holy Bible by saying that all religions, including the Judeo–Christian belief like all other things has evolved over time.  Some believe the Bible is a collection of oral stories and myths collected and altered over time and therefore it is highly inaccurate; while still others believe that much of the Bible was either written or heavily altered around 300 to 400 AD. 


One of the main reasons for writing this book is to reaffirm within the hearts and minds of all Christians, the complete accuracy and authority of God’s written word, The Holy Bible, and the complete accuracy and authority of the King James Version.  I do not say that we should not have other English versions of The Holy Bible written in more up dated English.  What I do say is we need an English Bible that we can trust as being both completely accurate and the authoritative Written Word of God. At the time of this writing this book, The King James Version is the only English Bible that comes close to fulfilling this role. 


Did the earth just evolve?  Were the earth, the sun, the moon and the stars created by some big bang?  If so, there are so many (over a thousand) million to one chances that had to happen before it was possible for life (as we know it) to evolve.  On this basis alone we must concluded the theory of evolution and the big bang theory are just too farfetched to believe.


Just few of the million to one chances.


• If the surface speed of the earth were to drop, turning our 24-hour day into a 240-hour day, we would roast during the long days and freeze during the long nights.


• If the sun were much closer we would roast, much further away and we would freeze.


• If the moon were any nearer, the high tides would almost cover the highest mountains and the rise and fall of the tides would quickly erode and wash all the land into the sea. 


• If the oxygen levels were few percent higher, the earth atmosphere would be highly flammable.  A few percent lower and most life on earth would not survive.  


• If our solo system were created by one big bang, then all the planets and their moons would all be made of similar materials.  They are not. 


If The Holy Bible is not the Written Word of God, but mere stories passed down through the generations, or myths written down between 300 AD and 400 AD, we should ask how writer knew the following information.  The very fact that this information is in The Holy Bible is proof that someone with a greater knowledge of the solo system than ancients, or 4th and 5th century man is responsible for much of the content of the Bible.      


• 3rd and 4th century man believed that the earth was flat, yet the Bible tells us the earth is round, circular and sphere shaped like a ball.


Have you not understood from the foundations of the earth? It is He who sits upon the circle of the earth.” (Isaiah 40:21 – 22)


• 3rd and 4th century man believe that world was carried on the back of a large animal or mythical half man, half god, yet the Bible tells us the earth is hangs on nothing. (Job 26:7)


• Up until recent times (long after The King James Version was written) all astronomers believed that the star Arcturus (also known as the Great Bear) hung stationary in space.  Yet Job, the oldest book in The Holy Bible (written over 3,000 years ago) tells that this star and its accompanying planets were traveling across space.  No doubt many a wise scientist, supposing it to be a fixed star, would have used the mention of this star moving as proof of the inaccuracy of the Bible.  But then modern scientists have discovered that this star was travelling at a tremendous speed.  Time and time again scientists have tried to disprove The Holy Bible, only to be proved by science (sometimes years, even decades later) that they themselves are wrong. This was another case of scientists trying to prove the Bible to be in error, only for time to prove that it was the scientists who were in error.


Job 38:31 Can you bind the bands of Pleiades, or loosen the cords of Orion? 32 Canst you bring forth the constellation Mazzaroth in his season? Or can you guide the great bear Arcturus with his cubs?


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According to the Bible, God created all living creatures, including birds, cats, dogs, horses, fish, snakes, sheep, cattle and many more.  Each species was created to produce after its own kind.  Cats may evolve from short hair cats to long hair cats, but cats will always reproduce cats. Birds may evolve from very small birds into very large birds, but birds will always reproduce birds, Dogs will always reproduce dogs, apes will always reproduce apes and men will always reproduce men.   


Over a limited period of time Darwin observed things like short neck tortoises becoming long neck tortoises and long neck tortoises becoming short neck tortoises, short hair cats becoming long hair cats and long hair cats becoming short hair cats, large horses becoming small horses and small horses becoming large horses, and from these observations Darwin came up with the theory of evolution.  What he did not observe was any species of animal evolving into another species of animal.


The strongest evidence against evolution is found in the study of fossils.  Without exception, from the earliest known fossils of any species of animal, not one half developed species of animal has ever been found, and all have the essential characteristics of their species.


Neither what Darwin observed nor the evidence found in the study of fossils, in any way contradicts The Holy Bibles teaching that all living things will always and only produce after its own kind.  Even Darwin himself in the end, had to admit he could not find any proof to support the theory of evolution. 


Darwin, “My life and letters”, Vol. 1, page 210.

“Not one change of species into another is on record. We cannot prove that a single species has changed”(into another).

(Copied from “Seal of God” by F.C. Payne. Page 161.)


There has been and is much talk of finding the missing link between ape and man, but not only have we not been able to find the missing link between ape and men, neither have we been able to find a single link between any of the other 3,000 plus spices known to mankind.


Over time both cats and dogs have changed, but cats have always produced cats and dogs have always produced dogs.  If we were to look at the oldest known complete fossils we have of a cat and a dog, we would have no trouble identifying which was the dog and which was the cat.  Likewise, if we were to look at the oldest known complete fossils we have of an ape and of a man, we would no trouble identifying which was the ape and which was the man. 


Man is the only being that walks upright, thus allowing the man to carry hundreds of 40kg bags of maze in one day. The ape (even the strongest ape) except for short intervals and over extremely short distances has great difficulty, even in carrying his own body upright. Man is built to move with the aid of his legs only, while the ape is built to live on all fours. For as far back as we can trace man, he has always walked upright, and for as far back as we can trace apes, the ape has always got around on all fours.


There are also customs that only mankind follows and have followed from the earliest of times.  For example man has always buried his dead with ceremony, while no one has ever known an ape, ancient or modern, to bury even his own mate. Also in every age, ancient to modern, there have always been men who have worshiped either God or a god, while apes (unless trained by man) have never been observed worship either God or a god.





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