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Revealed Through Creation - 14. The religions of mankind



From the information we have already looked at, we know that by the time of The Great Confusion, mankind was now highly civilized, and writing on clay tablets was now a common very day happening. Although God has confused their language, and most (if not all) people now have a new language, for most of the ancient civilizations that came into being at that time, it does not appear to have been a major problem for them, to come up with a written language.  


There were however some people groups who by choice, or by fear of other people groups, turned their backs on civilization, to live in caves, tents, mud huts or even sleep under the stars.  For these people, the effort required to record their new language in writing was too great. Without a written language these people would quickly devolve into what we now call cavemen and Stone Age men.


What of mankind’s belief in the One Supreme God, The Creator of earth, sky, sun, moon and stars? With Noah’s sons preaching the full gospel of kingdom of God, right up to The Time of Great Confusion and the scattering of nations throughout the whole earth, each nation (each people group) took with them a full knowledge of all the gospel truths and biblical principles.  However it did not take long for mankind all over the world to deviate from the truth. Thus it can be said all the religions of the world, except the true Judeo-Christian belief, have devolved away from the truth.


Therefore when we look back to the ancient beliefs of most people groups, it should not surprise us if find that most have much in common, yet often distorted in some way.  The most common distortion, is quickly replacing the One and Only True God, who cannot be seen, with many gods who can be seen.


From “The Encyclopedia of Ancient Myths and Culture” © copyright used by permission. Page 134.


“Given the contrasting and various histories of peoples, it is surprising to find that themes occur again and again all over the world.  For example the world-flood, or deluge, which is most familiar to western readers through the story of Noah and the Ark, is found in mythologies of Ireland, Greece, Egypt, Persia, India, Indo-China, Korea, Siberia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Melanesia, Polynesia, Australia, North American Indians, South American Indians, Latin America, and even Africa.  One of the main functions of myth is to present a cosmology – that is, to explain how the world came to be.” 


Some of the other themes that occur again and again. 


• In the beginning there was nothing but one Supreme Being that created all things.  

• A devil.

• Life after death, and the eternal existence of the soul.

• A holy trinity.

• A son of god, born of a woman.


Some examples:


Zoroastrianism, said to be the oldest religion of the civilized world.  This religion had its beginnings in the Middle East.  


Although like most religions, Zoroastrianism has changed over the years, in the beginning of this religion there was a belief in one god. His name “Ahura Mazda”, he was recognized as The Wise Lord, the supreme and only god and the creator.  Later he was called Ohrmazd. Ahura Mazda is the creator of truth, holiness and goodness, the giver of health and abundance. There was no Evil in him, so evil could not come from him.  But opposing Ahura Mazda was Ahriman.  Ahriman was the prince of darkness and lies; and from him came all evil.


Viking mythology tells us, (“In the beginning there was nothing. No not quit nothing.  There was an endless space and a god called All-father, who was invisible and existed for ever.”)  As time goes on in Viking mythology, creation of all things takes place, including the creation of other gods, including the god Odin. It has been said understanding All-father and Odin is often confusing with Odin often taking on the same roll as All-father, and All-father is often identified with Odin, sometimes raising the suggestion that their relationship to each other is similar to that of the Christian, God the Father and God the Son.   (Quote in italics, from “The Encyclopedia of Ancient Myths and Cultures.”) 


The most common corruption of the Holy Trinity, and found in most early civilizations of the world, is the worshiping of the sun as father god, the earth as mother god, and the king as the son of god.  This or similar forms of sun worship was once very common throughout the whole earth.  It is as old as the Egyptian Empire and as new as the Japanese Empire, whose battle flag is still the rising sun, and their Emperor is still worshiped as the son of god.


Let us not lose sight of this truth, some of the world religions have beliefs similar to Christian beliefs, not because Christians have copied the beliefs of other religions, but because we are all descendants Noah and we all have ancestors who heard the preaching of the truth. However all of us also have ancestors who at some time have wandered away from, or turned from the truth.


When Moses climbed up Mount Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments from God, Aaron the high priest made a golden calf, and the children of Israel bowed down and worshiped the golden calf. Saying that this god (the calf) had delivered them from out of the hands of the Egyptians (Exodus 32:1 – 8). This is an example of how quickly a people can turn from God to the worship of other gods.


Satan has placed rebellion in the heart of fallen man, and people of all tribes and nations can and have at some time quickly turned from the worship of the One and only True God, to the worship of idols and false gods, and in the process they have credited the false gods and idols with the good things that the One and only True God has done for them.


For those wanting to know more about scientific and Biblical evidence both for and against evolution, and for an against creation, may I suggest you go to  



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