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Revealed Through Creation - 13. The ability to pass information on




The supporters of the theory of evolution, would have us believe that earliest of our ancestors had little more brain capacity than the apes, who sat round the camp fires at night sharing with each other stories of days long past.  With each telling the stories would get further and further away from the truth.  Until one day, tens of thousands of years later, someone would decide to write these stories down. They would have us believe that this is how the ancient myths and the Holy Bible came to be written down.  However, this could not be further from the truth.


The supporters of the theory of evolution would have us believe that mankind’s belief in God (or gods) evolved from the worship of nature, the animals, the sun, the moon and the stars; and that the similarities between many religions are due to people of one religion copying beliefs and customs of other religions.  Again this could not be further from the truth. 


From the day God created Adam until The Great Flood, there was only 1658 years.  From the Great Flood to the birth Abraham, father of the Hebrews, there was about 350 years.  So there were 2008 years from the day of creation until the birth of Abraham.  Then, approximately 42 years after Abraham’s birth, was the Time of Confusion, when God scattered mankind over the face of the earth.  There is archaeological evidence of waves of people moving west about this time.  Included in this great movement of people was Terah, who travelled from Ur to Haran with his grandson Lote, his son Abraham, and Abraham’s wife Sarah, and there they dwelt (for approximately 33 years) until the death of Terah. Then Abraham, now 75 years of age, with his wife Sarah and nephew Lote travelled on from Haran into the land of Canaan. 


Given that most of mankind prior to the flood lived for over 900 years, only two other people were needed to pass on to Abraham, the knowledge that God had given to Adam and Enoch (who was seventh from Adam).  Both of these men had walked with God, and God had given to mankind through these two, a full and comprehensive understanding of most (if not all) of biblical principles.  For over 200 years these two men and Methuselah lived together on this earth.  So given the superior brain capacity of these men, Adam and Enoch would of had no difficulty passing this information on to Methuselah. In turn Methuselah lived with Noah on this earth for 500 years and Noah eldest son Shem was 100 years old on the day Methuselah died, in the year of The Great Flood. So again, Methuselah would have had no difficulty passing this information on to Noah and Noah’s son Shem. 


A belief in One God the creator, the devil, the Great Flood, the fallen nature of mankind, the coming Deliverer born of a virgin, the coming resurrection of the dead, the second coming, the final judgment, the casting of the wicked into the fires of hell, and eternal life for those justified by faith in the Blood of the Lamb, and even a belief in the Holy Trinity. These are all truths that God made known to mankind through Adam and Enoch, and all these truths were past on in detail to Noah and his three sons.  Noah may have died 50 years before the Time of Great Confusion, but Noah’s three sons (including Shem) would have still been preaching justification to people of the world, right up to the day God confused their language. Shem was still preaching 100 years after that time. 


Abraham was 42 years old at The Time of Great Confusion, so Shem would have had no difficulty passing all this information on Abraham.  By now writing on clay tablets was an everyday happening.  


So although the capabilities of Abraham’s brain may not have been as great as Shem’s (Abraham being born after the flood and Shem being born before the flood), mankind was now able to write God’s Word down on clay tablets, and soon, if not already, man would be writing on leather skins.  


From then on Abraham and his descendants were very particular, careful and accurate in recording and passing on in writing God’s word and the history of God’s chosen people.  Moses would have referred to these much earlier writings, when writing the book of Genesis. Undoubtedly, Jude also referred back too much earlier writings, when had wrote about things Enoch prophesied. 


Jude 14 And Enoch, seventh from Adam, also prophesied of these, saying, Look and see, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, 15 To execute judgment upon all, and to convict all that are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have wickedly committed, and of all their hard words which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him.


The very fact that Jude (2,000 years ago) quotes what Enoch prophesied over 3,500 earlier, is proof that the information and teachings that God implanted into the photographic memories of Adam and Enoch were successfully passed on to a time when they were recorded in writing to be passed on down through the ages. It would not surprise me at all, that when they have finally finished analyzing the Dead Sea scrolls, they find a copy of the prophecies and teachings of Enoch, as recorded by either Noah or Shem.     



On the chart , the seven days of creation are at the beginning of year nought ‘0’ in approximately the year 4,400 BC. 


The Great Flood is 1,656 years after creation, in approximately 2,844 BC.


The time of the confusion of tongues, at the tower of Babel, was approximately 2,051 years after creation, in about the year 2,349 BC.  




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