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5th Feb 2018. Extending the kingdom of God.

5th February 2018
To the Church World Wide.
Extending the kingdom of God


God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, and I appreciate your love for the lost and for the saints, and all the hard work you have done and are doing to extend the kingdom of God and of His Christ, World Wide. Preaching and teaching the Word of God, caring for the poor, the widows and orphans. So much to do, yet at times it seem we have so little to meet our own needs let alone the needs others. At such times and always, we need to look to God our Father in the name of Jesus Christ, for He alone is our all sufficient provider and longing to meet all our needs and more. So we can bless others, thus bringing glory to God.

You could say we have many God given priorities, but for now let me focus on three of them.

1: To restore, preach and teach The Written Word of God. (Thus extending the kingdom of God.)

2: To restore the Church of Jesus World Wide.

3: Unity within the body of Christ (The Church).

For when a number of churches working together in unity with Christ and one another, The Church can achieve much. While the odd one or two churches, even in unity with Christ will never achieve as much. For this reason (as long as we do not compromise on our love of the Truth, our love of Christ and our love for one another) let us work together in unity in Christ. Releasing/forgiving one another, as God in Christ Jesus has released/forgiven us. For if we love our brother in Christ and release him of all that offends us, in due season we will come to total agreement and fellowship in Christ. In the meantime if they want independence from us, to run their own churches their own way, let them. As long as we can agree on

1: Preaching the Good News of Deliverance through the cross and the blood of Jesus Christ.
2: Death and the coming resurrection from the dead.
3: The Holy Trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, all One God yet three persons in One.
4: The Great Commission.
5: The fruit the gifts and the callings of the Holy Spirit. They are just as much part of the Church today as they were two thousand years ago. 
6: God’s Vision. Our Calling.

We may not all be fully there yet. Those who we are fellow shipping with, who are from other churches may not be fully there yet. But as long as we are all growing towards full understanding maturity in God Word and in Christ let us work together to preach the Good News, to deliver lost souls, heal the sick, to make the lame whole, raise the dead and extending the kingdom of God on earth as it is above.

Thank you Lord God our Healer.

From your friend and brother in Christ,
Prophet Ken Clark.

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