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30/11/17 Report.


30 / 11 / 17
To the Church of Jesus Christ World Wide.
To the Apostles, Pastors and Saints of the Church in East Africa, Pakistan and India.
Let us gather the sheep together, and give them purpose and God given drive to extend the kingdom of God and of His Christ.
Thank you Apostle Charles, Apostle Madison and Rev Daniel for your reports on a successful mission trip in Tanzania, with many delivered from the kingdom of darkness, and translated into the kingdom of Jesus Christ our Lord and Deliverer. I have sent a report of this success to our prayer team in Australia and New Zealand.
We also have good reports
The influence, the extent and effectiveness of our ministry in East Africa, Pakistan and India continues to grow at such a rate I can no longer claim have any control. It is all God, by the guiding influence of the Holy Spirit and by the power of the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ.
My thanks goes out to Apostle Charles of Kenya, Apostle Madison of Tanzania, Rev. Daniel of Uganda and Pastor Javied Akhtar of Pakistan. Without the tremendous amount of dedicated work by these men have done in pulling those Church Leaders and Pastors who God has called to come along side of us in this ministry. Without the efforts of these men of God, we would still be like hundreds of lost sheep upon the hills without a shepherd.  
Please pray for these Leaders, that God by His Spirit would continue to fill them with knowledge, understanding, wisdom and courage, to continue in the good work God has prepared in advance for them to do.
Pray also that Jesus Christ will to raise up simular Church leaders to shepherd the flock in India. There are many Church Leaders and Pastors in India who are interested in the good work God has called us to, but without shepherds to lead and guide them, they are as lost sheep wandering and grazing aimlessly upon the hills.
God’s great blessings and favour be upon you all. You and your ministries and all you watch over in the name of Jesus Christ.
From your brother in Christ,
Prophet Ken Clark.

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