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Letter to the Church Worldwide July 2014

Letter to the Church Worldwide, July 2014


God is working through us to extend the
kingdom of God and of his Christ.



I mentioned a few weeks back that I am in contact with a pastor in Ethiopia. This pastor holds a position of influence over (the western quarter) of Ethiopia’s largest Evangelic Church. We are still in contact with each other, and he has started printing small quantities of our booklet (Death is not the end of life) in English, and currently believing God for local translators to translate it into some of the local languages. Yes we are still praying for God’s Spirit to move mightily upon the nation of Ethiopia.


In Pakistan we are in contact with ten pastors, of which two are not only overseeing a number of churches in that nation, they have also been printing our booklet in English for some time now. We still need much prayer that God will provide someone to translate the booklet into the local Pakistani languages.


In Mozambique, just in the last few months a pastor overseeing a group of churches started printing our booklet English. This has been well received and he is now working at translating the booklet into Portuguese. This to is a good prayer point, as having this booklet available in Portuguese will open many more doors to take God’s word to the lost, poor and needy.


All told, we currently have pastors in eleven nations printing our booklet. While some are printing as few as 50 at a time, others are printing as many as 500 at a time. This may sound small to you, but don’t forget these are mostly poor pastors preaching the gospel and ministering to poor people who are considered blessed if they earn a $1 a day. So for many of this pastors, even producing 50 booklets to sow into fields in expectation of a harvest of souls, is like the widow who gave her last two mites to the work of God (Mark 12:41 – 43).


Our booklet is currently available in English, Swahili (East Africa), Tulugu (India), Chichewa (Malawi) and Chinese. Please pray that our booklet will soon be available in all the languages of the world.



Below is a copy of a prophecy spoken over me when I was in Bible College in 1996. I do this to encourage you; that although things may look to be going slow, they are going in line with God’s word spoken over me. So all our work has not been in vain, and through our work in Christ we will in time reap many lost souls into God’s kingdom in the name of Jesus Christ.





Spoken through Pastor John Jacks.


I just want to confirm that I see you as team people. I see that God has put within your heart the desire to be part of the big picture, part of the team, part of working together to see people established, strengthen in the things of God.


There is a real compassion within your hearts and yet a practicality of understanding that the Spirit of God has caused you even at this season of life, to rise up to a place saying, “Yes we are reporting for duty Lord, we are to do whatever it is that is set before us. Just give us the tools and the equipping that we might be able to see the Word of the Lord published abroad.


And this word, when you first sat down, I just kept getting one word brother, it was PUBLISH. It is as though there is something about writing and publishing and putting, I don’t know, Newsletters, leaflets and booklets and books and things, together for that which is going to effectively impact nations and peoples and the working of God.


There’s some work of God that is on your heart and life, to publish certain things. It is almost like God wants you to tie in with some sort of linguistic sort of area where there is going to be some translations and some work that is done in there as well so that the work of the Lord will go forth in places where great hunger exists and yet there doesn’t seem much to give out.


I just really see that somehow you are being involved in that, the publishing of things that are going to touch many people’s hearts. Many people, it’s almost like keeping the contact, the flow of what God is doing. I see you writing some things, there is really an ability within the depth of you two to expose some truths of God.


It is just like you ferret out the truth, you go after it. You really dig and dig and dig until you get hold of the one thing and are able to bring it into an application of life that will impact people and cause them to be strong. Causing them to see the love of God and the Light of God and at times even cause them to be confronted with the truth of the Word of God.


I just really see you in that capacity, there is certainly dimensions of shepherding and caring for people and folks that you want to see them strong in God.


The word that I saw over you was PUBLISH and I just had to share that with you. There is something in that; God just really wants to open new horizons to you in that dimension, of the Word going forth.

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