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The same old Gospel of Jesus Christ



It's the same old Gospel of Jesus Christ.




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The Lord Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit be with you to guide and direct you. I am pleased to hear from you and of your work from the kingdom above.


Like the Apostle Peter I can say, silver and gold I do not have but what I have I give in the name of Jesus Christ (Acts 3:6).


My calling in Christ is that of a teacher, prophet, writer and restorer. Therefore God expects me to spend most of my time communicating with God the Father though the Spirit of Christ who dwells in me. Communicating by prayer, reading the Scriptures, being guided by the guided by the Holy Spirit, writing down that which God wants to shear through me (and other prophets) with the body of Christ worldwide.


So while I do not have any silver or gold I can give you, and although it is unlikely God will allow me to visit many of you in person, I can remind you of the word of God. That Word God first gave us through Adam, Jude, Noah, Mosses and the Old Testament Judges and Prophets; revealed to us through Jesus Christ the Word of God, come to earth in the flesh, and explained to us by the Holy Spirit through the New Testament Apostles and Prophets. That Word of God, the Gospel of the Good News of Jesus Christ the Lamb of God I share with you and the Church worldwide; may come to you as a new revelation, but it is the same Good News God shared with Adam and Eve in the beginning.


Can I suggest you read the following three booklets that can be found on our web site under booklets?


“Death is not the end of Life.”

“Man is a soul who lives in a body and has a spirit.”

“The Restoration Continues.”


For those who feel the call of God to be part of this continuing restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ and wanted to reproduce these at your own expense to give away, I will gladly e-mail you the English Masters.


The booklet “Death is not the end of Life” is also available in “Telugu (India),” “Swahili (East Africa)”, “Chiehewa (Malawi),” and Chinese.


God bless you all, your ministrirs and all you watch over in the name of Jesus Christ.

Prophet Ken Clark.

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