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10 Given a Second Chance


By Dawn B. Clark Copyright 2003.


In 1976 I was living in the city of Gisborne in New Zealand, with my first husband and our three young children.  Up till then I had many life threatening things happen to me, such as at the age of twelve I was drowned.  In my mid twenties I was electrocuted, which caused me to be out cold for three days.  Another time I opened the garage roller door late at night.  It was dark and I did not see my husbands trailer on its end. The result was I walked into the bar end shutting off my windpipe.  That was not a pleasant experience.  I now have scare tissue, and that is why my voice goes very horse from time to time.

I was not a Christian at this time and had no idea that God had His hand on me.  My son was about three years old when I started Hemorrhaging and was in terrible pain.  This continued for several months.  I was sent to Auckland to see a specialist, who put me under anesthetic for a D & C and examination.  Two days latter I traveled back to Gisborne by bus, which is about an 8 – 10 hour trip.

When I got home I continued on as normal.  Went back to work at the motels cleaning.  After eight days I was getting a lot of pain in my right leg.  It was like hot arrows shooting up and down my leg.  It was getting very uncomfortable, like toothache, you don’t know where to put yourself.  So on Tuesday I went to the Doctors late in the afternoon.  The doctor checked me out, gave me a couple of pills and sent me home to bed.  He said he wanted to see me first thing in the morning.

In the morning I woke up feeling O.K.  I had slept all night, my leg was rested and I felt good.  I dressed for work, got the children ready and took them to school.  I called in to see my mum, as she lived only a few doors from the school.  I told her what was going on and that I was going back to the doctor.  She told me to let her know how I got on in my break.  As soon as I arrived he took me in and he started measuring my leg again.  By this time my right leg was 2 cm larger than my left leg.

He checked my blood pressure and temps, all the time saying nothing.  So I asked, what do you think is wrong?  He said, “I think you have deep thrombosis.”  I thought about it for a minute, remembering my grandmother had one years ago, I then said, “isn’t this an old age complaint?  I am only 33.”  So he said, “I am going to send you up to the hospital.”
He then started writing a letter for me to take.  I was not medically minded, so I had no idea of the seriousness of it.  I asked if I could wait until after lunch to go to the hospital.  You see in my mind, I was conscious that it was the 1st of the month, payday for us.  My husband usually went out to the farm, did a couple of jobs and was usually home by 10 am, with the pay.  We would go into town to get the months stores and pay all the bills.  This always happen on the 1st of each month.

By this time the doctor was looking at me, and said, “Why do you think I am sending you to the hospital?”   I know I had bad veins at the back of my legs, so I said, “Probably to see a Doctor and he will put me on a waiting list for surgery.”  That’s what I was thinking.

Still looking at me, he said, “You don’t know how serious this is do you?  Let’s put it this way.  I give you 24 hours to live. Wow! That hit me like a sledgehammer.  I guess we all dread the day that we are told we don’t have long to live. Well my mind started racing, what do I do.

I thought of my children at school, what do I tell them?  That this time tomorrow I won’t be here, I’ll be dead.  Will I have time to say goodbye to mum.  I could not think straight.  The next thing I heard was the doctor’s voice saying, “Now go straight up to the hospital.”  He handed me a letter and I left.

So I left the doctor’s rooms totally confused.  I headed for the hospital. On the way I passed work and remembered I was supposed to be at a meeting at 11 am.  So I called in and spoke to Pat my supervisor, telling her I was going to the hospital and didn’t know if I would be back, as the doctor had told me I have only 24 hours to live.  Poor Pat, she got off her scooter and said, “Move over, I’ll drive you.”  I said, “No I’ll be O.K., and away I went, very conscious of time ticking by.  I arrived at the hospital, parked the car and walked to the main entrance and gave my name at the desk.

I was not prepared mentally or physically for the events that were about to happen to me.  They were waiting for me.  A nurse put me in a wheelchair and very quickly took me through to emergency and I was put on a bed.  Next I was surrounded with doctors and nurses.  I had a doctor measuring and examining my leg and a nursing sister taking my blood pressure and pulse.  On the other side, another doctor was taking blood out of me.  Then the lady from the office stood at the foot of the bed and said, “We are going to admit you.”

I looked up at her and said, “What about my car?  I have to take it home for my husband.”  The doctor then said, “Is there anything wrong with his legs? Well he can come up here and get it.”  Oh boy! I felt got at.  I wasn’t feeling so good by this time.  Next thing I am wheeled into intensive care.  A nurse asked me, “Does anyone know you’re here?”  I said, “No.”  So she brought me the phone.  I knew I couldn’t get hold of my husband, as he would be on his way into town.  So I rang mum.  I told her where I was and what was happening.  I guess she got a shock, as she became very quiet on the phone.  “Don’t worry,” she said.  “I’ll get hold of Chris and pick up the children after school.”

By this time, the doctors were back and ready to put the drip in.  They got started and were half way through, when bells started ringing.  So they took off, leaving the nurse to hold everything.  I had no idea of time at this point.  Then I found I had left my body, and was up in the corner of the room.  I found myself looking down at me on the bed.  It’s a very strange feeling.  Most of us only see ourselves in the mirror.  I looked very pale and exhausted.

So I started looking around in the hall and saw my husband standing outside my room.  He looked very worried; he hated hospitals at the best of times.  Then I checked out the room next door, where all the nurses and doctors were.  I saw a man on the bed who was having a heart attack.  I watched as they worked on him with paddles. Then a needle was put into his heart, but there was no response.  So they pulled the plug and pronounced him dead.

He looked in his early fifties, not very old at all.  I watched for a second or two.  Then I saw something like a wisp of steam leave the man’s body and go up past me.  I wondered what it was, so I followed it.  Next thing I found myself on this path, with beautiful flowers and trees that I had never seen before.  It was such a peaceful feeling.  Then I heard music like a choir, it seamed to be coming from out of the trees.  It was beautiful and so serine.

I looked around and I saw in the distance this bright luminous light.  So I started walking down the path towards it.  Then suddenly there on the path stood my Dad.  Now my Dad had been dead for three years.  I got such a surprise to see him, that my first words were, “Oh Dad we are looking after mum!”  His reply was, “I know dear, I’ve been watching.”  Then he said, “What are you doing here?”  I proceeded to tell him how tired I was and how I wasn’t feeling very well.  I then looked passed my Dad to the light, and there stood a Man in a white robe.  I didn’t notice Him before, but now I was closer I could see Him standing in the doorway.  The bright light behind Him showed His outline.  My Dad followed my eyes and said, “They are not ready for you yet!  That’s why I have been sent to meet you.”  

My Dad then pointed in the direction I had come from and said, “Who will look after them if you stay?”  I looked back in the distance.  I could see my three children.  I turned to argue with my Dad about staying.  You see, I loved my Dad and I missed him terrible.  He very lovingly said, “You must go back to your children.  They need you; you can’t expect your mother to bring them up for you.  The Lord has given them to you as gift of His love.  You must not give up.  They love you and need you so much.”

After listening to Dad I realized I had to make a choice.  I looked all around, and then I saw that my Dad had gone.  I looked at the Man in the white robe, with the brilliant light behind Him, wishing I could go on towards Him.  It was so peaceful and serine.  But I remember what Dad had said,  “Who will look after my children.”  I made a choice.  The next thing I remember was the excruciating pain as I entered my body.  I felt I had only been away for an hour or so, but found out it was now 4 pm Sunday afternoon.  I had been out of my body for four days.

Then I heard the voice of one of my children,  “When is mummy going to wake up?”  I opened my eyes to see my husband, my mother and my three children sitting beside my bed.  I looked around to see flowers all around the room, also another lady in the room with me.  Her name was Mrs. East she had a clot on her lung and was very ill as well.  Her pastor had been visiting her every day and unbeknown to me, he had been keeping an eye on me.

I didn’t tell anyone about my adventure, as I was afraid they would not understand or even believe me.  That night the night sister, who is a friend of ours, came in to see me when she came on duty.  “Welcome back.” Kathy said, “I had my doubts you would make it, we were ready to dig a hole for you.” I realized then, they knew something had happened to me.

I stayed in Hospital 10 more days before going home.  Two weeks after I was home taking it easy.  I was walking around my front garden when this man came in the gate.  He asked me how I was and did I remember him.  I said no.  He told me he was Mrs. East pastor, and said he had seen me in the Hospital.

“I know you had an experience, I wonder if you would share it with me.”  I was a bit scarred, as I didn’t know how he knew what had happened to me.  But after talking with him, I told him what had happened and what I experienced.  He said that only a few people get a second chance and I was one of them.  He told me about Jesus and what he had done for me.  Then he led me to the Lord.  I look back now and wondered how I ever lived with out Him, but really He was there all the time.  I just didn’t know it.

Now that I am a Spirit filled Christian, God has shown me things that I did not understand before.  For instance, God knew that by sending my Dad out to talk to me, I would listen to him.  You see my Dad was an honest man and he always told us the truth.  So when he said they are not ready for you yet, I believed him.  So I came back.  Another time a few years later, I was in church taking Communion, the pastor was talking about the door into the kingdom of heaven.  That nobody gets to the Father unless he goes through His Son Jesus.  Who did I see standing in the doorway in a white robe?  Jesus.  So you see, I would not have made it into heaven had I pushed on.   I would have been turned away and ended up lost for all eternity.  So really, God gave me a second chance.

Through God’s word He has promised me, what ever else happens, He will never leave me or forsake me.  I believe that is true.  At the end of the year my husband and I separated.  I spent two-an-a-half-years as a solo mum.  God decided I needed a partner, so he brought Ken Clark across my path.  Ken had been on his own with his three children for three years.  A year later Ken and I married and we raised the six children.  Last month we celebrated twenty years of marriage.  It has not been plain sailing in that twenty years, but we have both experienced healings and God’s provision.

I remember when Ken was in hospital for four weeks; I had to feed all of us with no money coming in.  After the first week, when I ran out of stores, I cried out to God for help.  The next morning on the doorstep was a large bag of apples, two bottles of milk and a tray of eggs.  I was so excited; I could make some apple fritters to feed the children.  The next day we had a leg of lamb, a pumpkin and a cake.  This continued for a few weeks.  I thanked God every night for His provision.

We have also had an angel come and have a meal at our house.  That really blew me away, when I realized who our visitor was.  We have had miracles happen, two of my grandchildren are God’s miracles.  I could go on for hours telling you how God has been with us in every situation, and I believe He hasn’t finished with the two of us yet.
As I walk daily with Him I tell Him how much I love Him and thank Him for being with me.

Dear reader,

If you to would like to know Jesus and the love and joy of daily walking with Him as I do.  Ask Jesus into your life as your Lord and Saviour, then find a Christian Church that will baptize you as a public sign of your repentance, and a sign of your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour.  If you do this you will be saved and your life will never be the same again.
And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. (Acts 2:12 N.I.V.)

May the Lord bless you and keep you.
Dawn Clark.



By Dawn B. Clark Copyright 2003.

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