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Our purpose. To prepare the way for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ  by preaching and teaching, “It is written and it was necessary for the Christ to suffer and to rise from the
prepare the way for the return of the Lord Jesus Christdead on the third day, and that repentance and the forgiveness of sins should be preached to all nations (Luke 24:46-47). That all who believe should repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ and they shall be saved and they shall receive the promised gift of the Holy Spirit (Mark 16:15-16, & Acts 2:38).


Our aims, 


While our main purpose will never change until the Last Day; the day when the dead in Christ will raised up to meet with Jesus Christ in the air; our aims although clear in our minds are subject to the leadings of the Lord.


Our foremost aim is very much tied to our purpose. That is with the Lord’s help, to open up the minds of both God’s people and the lost to the understanding of the Scriptures by the preaching and the teaching of God’s word (Luke 24:45).

For this purpose we will;

1:  Write and produce books that will help open the understanding of many to the Scriptures.

2: While remaining as close as possible to original meaning of the Hebrew and Greek text, we will write and produce Bibles, and teaching materials that can be easily understood by the common people of many language and people groups.

3: Where necessary we will assist the teaching of people groups, by teaching them to read; even if this means first putting their own language into writing.

4: Assist with the building of churches and schools.


Although it is not our aim to make money, we are not ignorant of the fact that it takes money to produce Bibles, books and teaching material, and that disturbing of these, in some areas, will in return produce money. Although to this time, it is still costing more to run this ministry than what is coming in, God did challenge me twenty years ago, ten years before I published my first book; “When the books begins to sell in big quantity, what will you do with the money?”  

Although there are many needs, after spending time with the Lord, I believe the Lord would have the bulk of any incoming finance, directed into the four areas: 

1: A need to reproduce in other languages, those things which God has called me to put down in writing.  


2: A need to reproduce the Bible in the languages of people groups who have no written language. 

3:  A need to build churches and schools. 

4: Finance pastor and teachers involved in front line ministry and areas where the local church cannot finance their own pastors and teachers. 

If you have any questions as what are our aims; do feel free to e-mail us and ask.


We encourage you to consider supporting this ministry as the Lord leads.

If you feel lead by the Lord to support us financially, you may do so by posting us a check or money order; or by paymate. When sending donations by Paymate, please send us an e-mail stating who you are and that you have sent us a donation by Paymate; thank you very much.


The governor of Victorious Christian Ministries International 

Kenneth Allan Clark


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